Available Services

Annual Preventative Maintenance Inspections
At Sakamura USA, we believe in doing our best to prevent down time. An annual preventative maintenance inspection can do just that. A thorough evaluation of your machine is done to track condition and prevent costly down time. A detailed report, and vibration analysis is completed after inspection, to provide an overview of the machine’s condition, and to address any issues we may have found. Continuous monitoring helps keep track of when there is a need to order spare parts.

Retrofitting and Upgrades
Need your existing machine to do more? Sakamura USA can often retrofit and upgrade your existing machine for a fraction of the price of a new one. In this process, the machine is dismantled down to the bed frame, and all worn components are either upgraded or replaced.

Troubleshooting and Emergency Repair Service
Sakamura USA technicians are trained extensively in order to troubleshoot and repair your machine in the most efficient manner possible. We strive to ensure an accurate diagnosis and fast turnaround time, so you can keep business moving.

Whatever solution fits your needs, the job will be done to Sakamura USA’s highest quality and workmanship standards.