Cold Formers

BPF-Series Part Formers

Our CNC driven BPF part formers come in 5,6, and 7-die station models. Individual cassette-type transfer chucks give you the freedom to set up the best transfer configuration for a wide range of blank types. With 50mm cutoff capacity, 500mm kickout stroke, and 1,000 tons of forging load, our heavyweight BPF-590 is breaking new ground in cold forming larger and more complex work pieces. The large diameter wire used by heavy-duty formers, demands special handling systems that can reduce loading time. That’s why we offer automatic revolving wire stand-straightener units, coil re-wind systems, and other equipment that makes wire handling faster and easier. We also offer an in-line wire drawing system that works in synchronization with the former to supply high-precision wire.

PF-Series Part Formers

Our PF-series machines are available in 3 to 7 station models that satisfy a wide variety of cold forming applications. The 3-station models can be used to pre-form blanks for subsequent cold or press forming. The 7-station model is proving popular for forming 02 sensor casings and similar products for the automobile industry. With the ability to run radial hole punching hits and accommodate blank re-feed systems, the PF machines are great for reducing small lot production costs.

BP-Series Bolt Formers

Our 4-station BP bolt formers have been traditionally applied to the high speed production of M6 to M42 size bolt blanks up to 400mm in length. The BP machines are also being used to produce different types of shanked components for the automobile industry.

NF- Series Nut Formers

The 6-station NF-series nut formers are efficient high-speed machines that can be equipped with a final inspection station that improves quality control by ejecting the transfer unit out in front of the operator for convenient blank checks. The NF formers can run a punch kickout to produce hollow parts at high-speeds.

MPF/MNF Mini Formers

With 3 to 7 stations and cutoff capacities from 1 to 9mm, the MPF-MNF mini formers take on a wide range of miniature forming jobs with great productivity. These mini–formers can be equipped with a flat-die rolling system under the die block for marking or diamond serration forming.

FR-Series Formers

The FR-series formers are 2 to 5 station machines equipped with a rotary die thread rolling system that lets you produce finished flare nuts, set screws, plugs, studs, and other threaded fasteners in a single operation. Dual-axis transfer capability lets you pierce blanks to form eye bolts.

SSR-Series Rolling Machine

The SSR-series rolling machines offer a high-speed rotary rolling process for thread forming, marking, serration forming, and other rolling operations. These machines include advanced systems such as automatic defect ejection and a patented die adjustment system that’s indispensable for rolling threads on torque-share bolts. An optional unmanned operating system is available. WSR model is available for thread rolling both ends of studs.